About Me

I'm Stephanie Mason

My name is Stephanie Mason. I am a designer and all around creative venturer. My main interests are knitting & crochet design, sewing, and web design. Un Petit Squab is my personal blog which I’ve had since 2008. It has undergone many evolutions, and it is now a place where I strive to encourage others  to live a more self reliant & do-it-yourself life with creative project ideas & how-tos, suggestions for to do more with less stuff, and ideas about how to achieve personal growth. I also share snippets of my day to day life here, along with things that other people are doing that interest me. My hope is that through sharing what inspires me and what I’m working on, I might be able to inspire you.

Overall, I believe in living a fulfilling and happy life by creating memorable experiences through making, doing, and making do.

My current life is thus: I live in Bellingham, WA in a tiny house.

Tiny house under wraps

Which I built with my very talented partner, Jason.

A couple that creates together, stays together

(Okay, so he really did most of the building, and I helped a little.)

We live with our two dogs. They are Franki, my 12 year old sharp-as-a-tack blue heeler mix…Franki the kelpie mix

Calliope, our 2 year old border collie mix who is equal parts genius and dingbat.


While we all four live together in a very small house, we do not live in a very small space. We have a lovely front yard…


And our backyard has a lot of this action.

Calliope the border collie mix

We definitely enjoy spending time outside and I couldn’t be happier than to have found myself living in such a beautiful place. Life isn’t perfect by any means. I have my struggles and I have plenty of grumpy days, and there are plenty of less-than-glamorous aspects to my life I’m not very inclined to share on the internet and therefore go unseen. But overall I am content with the path I have found myself on, and I look forward to the adventures ahead.